New to Alignable? You might be wondering what you need to do to build relationships and create opportunities. Good news: It’s easier than you think to get a quick win right away and keep building off your success. 

3 Easy Ways to Get the Business-Boosting Benefits of Alignable

To show you the way, three of our members break down their best tips for getting a boost. Even better? Their suggestions are low on time and big on impact. Growing your business has never been this simple. 

Let’s go!

1. Embrace the profile stalk

I profile stalk! I send personal messages requesting to meet with members because we have things in common, and I want to learn more from them.

Cherri Pedrioli, Custom Plumbing of Northern CA & Holistic Choices Inc.

Member Cherri Pedrioli, a relationship marketing strategist, finds no shame in doing a little detective work. “I profile stalk,” she says. By combing through profiles and searching for members who have things in common with her or things she wants to learn about, she finds new connections.

She takes it one step further by sending them a personal message to chat via video. And the relationships blossom from there.

To try this on your own, just search for members with similar businesses, interests, or customers, and reach out. You never know where your sleuthing can take you.

2. Get going in groups

Start a group! It’s a great way to make high quality connections with people you can help and who can help you.

Tom Harris, Tom Harris Business Coaching

Here’s a tip that takes little time but has big ripple effects: Start a group, suggests Tom Harris of Tom Harris Business Coaching.

By starting your own group, you can set the tone for everything from the types of conversations you have to the business owners who connect with you. And your leadership role will open you up to a bigger network.

To make this even easier, you can simply join one of the already popular groups on a wide range of topics from networking to social media marketing, women’s groups to best business tools.

Head to the groups page to see what’s out there. Then, join the one that fits your needs or start your own for like-minded businesses. 

3. Follow the daily success plan

If you’re not sure what to do once you’ve completed your profile, just follow the day’s success plan, located on the left-hand size of your home screen!

Tracey Lee Davis, ZingPop Social Media

One thing you might not know about? The personalized success plan we lay out for you on the left toolbar when you sign in. It’s your secret weapon, suggests Tracey Lee Davis of ZingPop Social Media.   

This daily checklist gives you three steps to boost your networking and referral-generating success. Just follow along.

You got this!

These member tips should help you bank a win right away, so give them a shot. And let us know how you do or if you have questions as you go.

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