Now that you’ve aced the Alignable Ambassador training course 🎉 , you can move to the next step in the checklist—hosting an event. 

Thanks to some pro tips and Alignable, it’s easy to plan, promote, and host a great event. Simply follow along.

Let’s go!

Your Event Hosting Success Plan

Here are four steps to event success. Some of these are requirements to move forward in the process, so read carefully.

Step 1: Allow about two weeks to plan your event

We know you’re excited to host your event—we’re pumped too! But the best way to host a great event is to leave enough time to nail the details. We recommend giving yourself about two weeks to plan and promote your event. 

That way, you’re not rushed and can spend time making your event the best it can be.

Step 2: Submit your event details

Once you know the whens and whats of your event, submit the details to us using this form. This helps us to track it and promote it to your community, too. 

Remember, you can host an in-person or online event in your area using Alignable. Be sure to post the event there, so your network and community can easily register.

Step 3: Spread the word

With the logistics out of the way, you can go full speed on promoting your event. These proven strategies will help you reach out to your network and beyond.

A key part of promoting your event involves attending a meeting with Alignable superstar Sue Brooke. Her support and advice can take your event to the next level. Sign up for the next meeting, so you can make your event a winner.

Step 4: Host your event like a pro

You know the strategies to make your event a success, so it’s time to use them to host your event. You’re going to be awesome. 

Before your event officially ends, make sure to send your attendees the link to the feedback survey. Their feedback helps us determine if you’re ready to reach Ambassador status and is required to move forward in the process.

But don’t worry—we created the survey for you. All you have to do is encourage attendees to complete it. 

Congrats on a job well done

You did it! After all the feedback forms are in, we’ll let you know if you’re moving forward. 

In the meantime, pat yourself on the back for hosting a great event and connect with your attendees to keep the conversations flowing.

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