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Whether you’re looking for financing solutions to grow your business now or want to better understand the process, joining a group on Alignable can help. In groups, you can connect with other business owners to ask questions, share advice, learn about lenders, and more. Even better? Joining a group is easy, fast, and free.

Here’s what you need to know.

Get Answers to Your Top Questions in These Finance Groups

If you want to connect with other business owners who are seeking financing or talk to experts that have used an online lender, join one of the finance groups below. 

General Finance Groups to Join

  1. Ask the SBA Group: Join this group to ask the U.S. SBA your most pressing questions about their programs like PPP forgiveness, EIDL, and more.
  2. Finance Experts & Advice: Ask all of your finance questions here and get answers from experts in the industry.

Brand Financing Groups to Join

These groups are open to business owners who currently use these brands. Here, you can ask other members how they’re using the service, troubleshoot any issues you’re having, and share your best practices for succeeding with the tool.

  1. Fundbox Users: Ask & Learn Group
  2. Biz2Credit Users: Ask & Learn Group 
  3. Lendio Users: Ask & Learn Group 

We hope you join a group (or two!) and see how powerful the small business community can be when we come together. 

What groups are you interested in joining? Share in the comments.

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