If you’re looking to grow your business, you came to the right place. With six million Alignable members (and counting), you’ll have access to the best member-tested tips to boost growth.

6 Ways to Grow Your Business from Successful Business Owners

Why start from square one when you can get advice from experts who’ve been there? Keep reading to hear from these five members about what they’ve done to successfully grow their business.

1. Build authentic relationships

Member Jory Fisher’s number one way she grew her successful coaching business? “Cultivate strong relationships with prospects and clients through online networking communities.”

Cultivate strong relationships with prospects and clients through online networking communities

She’s not the only one who points to this success tip as a key for growth. Good relationship-building skills are crucial to growing a successful business. Rather than leading with a pitch when prospecting new clients or forging a new business relationship, start with an authentic conversation. The business aspects will follow naturally.

To build relationships that can skyrocket your success, join a group on Alignable. Here are a few to check out:
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2. Define your ideal client

Marketing expert and business coach Sharon Yuloff shares her most significant piece of advice: “Define your ideal client.” Think about and articulate who your ideal client is, and make it known on your social media and web presence.

Then, carefully craft messaging that targets your ideal client and “know where to place those messages,” she says. If you know how to speak to your ideal customer in your marketing campaigns and promotions, your business is sure to benefit.

3. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes

Ada Laverne Watson-White offers an interesting perspective about customer service. She says, “Put your heart, mind, and soul into everything you do to create, retain, and sustain your clients. They are certain to return to you. Just think of yourself as a customer and how you would expect to be treated.”

Put your heart, mind, and soul into everything you do to create, retain, and sustain your clients.

Being so customer-minded has gotten Ada far as an HR consultant and is an excellent tip for any business in any industry.

4. Work as if your boss is in the room

One of the best perks of being a small business owner is that you’re your own boss. But, to keep yourself motivated, Brian Mayfield suggests you pretend otherwise! He recommends envisioning how you would work if your boss were in the room next to you as a way to keep on top of things and avoid procrastination.

5. Reviews, reviews, reviews

Reviews are hugely important, especially for those in the service industry. Interior designer Betsy Plansky emphasizes the importance of having good reviews, citing it as one of her top tips for growing her business. 

One glowing review could be the deciding factor between a client picking you over your competitor. Your business can have reviews on places like Facebook, Google, Yelp, and Alignable.

Are you having trouble getting clients to leave reviews? You’re not alone. Try asking former customers personally or adding an incentive for reviewing.

6. Get involved in your community

Member Angela Adams suggests, “Stay connected with your community and other local businesses. They notice and will reciprocate with referrals.”

Stay connected with your community and other local businesses. They’ll reciprocate with referrals.

Get involved in your local chamber of commerce, rotary club, and other community-based organizations to stay top of mind among the residents of your town.

Ready, Set, Grow!

Now, it’s your turn. Start with these six tips to supercharge your business, then add your own. You got this!

Do you have a great pro-tip that you don’t see in this list? Let us know in the comments for a chance to be featured in our next article.

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