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Whether you’re looking for exceptional candidates or a side gig to boost your bottom line, joining a group on Alignable is a great place to start. In groups, you can connect with fellow small business owners to ask questions, find employees, share open positions, and get your next gig. Best of all, it’s easy and free.

Here’s what you need to know.

Join a Group to Make Hiring or Finding a Side Gig Easy

You can find and post opportunities in your local Community Group, your Industry Group, and a few special interest hiring groups. Head to the links below to begin.

Your Community Group

As an Alignable member, you’re already a part of your local Community Group. There, you can post local jobs or seek out employment opportunities in your area. Simply head to your community group (My Communities) at the top of your My Groups page to get started.  

Your Industry Group

Depending on your industry, you might also be a part of your Industry Group. Industry Groups are a great place for you to post jobs and look for side gigs, as fellow business owners in your industry will have knowledge of the skills you need or have. 

To see if you’re a member of your Industry Group, head over to the My Groups page and scroll to the My Groups section. There, you’ll see all of the groups you’re currently part of. We’re still rolling out Industry Groups, so if you don’t see yours just yet, it’s okay. We’ll automatically join you to the right Industry Group as soon as we can.

Special Interest Hiring Groups

If you want to connect with other business owners who are hiring or hiring experts, join one of the special interest hiring groups. You can give and seek out advice from other members about the hiring process, get support, and share or search for opportunities. 

Here are two special interest hiring groups to consider:

  1. Hiring Best Practices: Ask all of your hiring questions to experts in the field and share what you’ve learned through the hiring process.
  2. Side Hustlers: Join other members who have a side gig in addition to their full time roles. Ask questions about things like balancing workload, rates, finding work, and more.

Get Connecting 

Jump into your Community Group, Industry Group, or hiring group to find your next employee or your next side hustle. And see how the support of other business owners can help you succeed.

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