Welcome back to My Best Business Mistake, where you can hear all about the unexpected twists that have transformed small businesses for the better.

In this episode, host Sue Brooke talks with guest Cherri Pedrioli, a self-confessed serial entrepreneur, author, and reconnective healing practitioner based in Santa Rosa, California. Cherri’s story is filled to the brim with inspiration, as she shares her journey from losing everything to building a successful business. You won’t want to miss it.

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My Best Business Mistake, Episode #4: Cherri Pedrioli

Cherri owns two successful small businesses, Custom Plumbing and Holistic Choices. And while she’s in a great spot now, she had to overcome intense loss in her personal life to get there. In addition to her story, she also shares some great tips that can help your business, no matter what stage you’re in, including:

  • Why you need to hire people to help out and trust them with your work
  • How to recognize when it’s time to make a change
  • Why giving back to your community matters
  • Why relationships comes first

But that’s not all. You’ll also hear her talk about why she became an entrepreneur, the business mistake that led to big opportunity, how she uses Alignable to connect and grow, her top advice for other business owners, and more.

Check out the episode and show notes below for more detail.

Show Notes

What is My Best Business Mistake?

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My Best Business Mistake is a podcast that shows how unexpected twists often transform small businesses for the better. Each week, you can learn about a real small business owner who took what appeared to be a disastrous failure and turned it into an amazing opportunity , making it the BEST Business Mistake they could have ever made!

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